Moto support for 6.5" Smartphone


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Support for your Smartphonr 6.5" in your motorcycle

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The motorcycle protective stand, exclusive for 6.5 "smartphone, will allow you to comfortably carry your smartphone when you are riding a motorcycle.

It is firmly attached to any screw on the front or handlebar of the motorcycle. It has an articulated support where you can place the mobile and use the touch screen through the front plastic of the case, without having to open it to use it.

The stand rotates so you can place the mobile in the position you prefer. This swivel stand is especially useful when using the mobile phone with the GPS function or with applications for measuring time, consumption, etc.

It also protects your Smartphone from water and dirt thanks to its zippered plastic case.

Includes 2 foam dividers to be able to use it with different 6.5 "smartphone models and prevent them from" dancing "inside the stand.

IPX4 Standard


Protect your phone from water (IPX4 - waterproof but not submersible), splashes, mud, etc.

180 degree articulated stand

Case capable of withstanding blows.

Easy mounting on any motorcycle since only one anchor screw is necessary.

Specially designed for Smartphone 5 "with the possibility of being used with smartphones up to a size of 16.50 cm high x 8.80 cm wide.


Articulated support that allows it to rotate 180 degrees.

Soft and nice touch case. Weatherproof.


Smartphone Case

Motorcycle support

2x foam separators that allow you to adjust the Smartphone 5 "inside the protector so that it does not move and stay

perfectly subject.


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