Segway Mini Ninebot Pro Black


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Segway Mini Ninebot Pro Black  for city Autonomy approx 30 km

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Easy to use, handy, portable, and compact. It charges comfortably at home, with minimal cost, and allows you to enjoy hours of use and fun.


Technical specifications


Max. Speed: Approx. 18km / h (11.2 mph)
Autonomy: Approx. 30km
Max.Torque (Torque): 70Nm
Rated Power Motor: 400Wx2
Max. Power: 2100W
Motor Control Mode: sine wave vector control, algorithm (the current + speed closed-loop control algorithm)


Max. Angle of Ascent: Approx. fifteen
Application area: pavement, Flat ground road, Slope of less than 15 °, jumps not exceeding 1cm, channels less than 3cm wide
Ground clearance: More than 80 mm
IP: IP54 (weatherproof, can be used in the rain)

Power System

Battery Structure: 30 x 18650 LG / Samsung high power lithium battery packs
Autonomy: Approx. 30km
Charger Rated Power: 120W
Rated input voltage: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Rated Output Voltage: Approx. 63V
Charging Time: Approx. 4H
Smart BMS: Overvoltage / Low Voltage / Short Circuit / Overheat Protection, Auto-Sleep / Wake-up, detailed battery information can be checked with APP-Ninebot
Standard power consumption: 1.1 kWh per 100 kilometers traveled

Brake Shock Absorption

Braking distance: 3.4m on dry ground
Braking mode: Somatic absorption of motor brake energy and energy recovery
Cushioning mechanism: High-elasticity vibration absorption, magnesium alloy fuselage + cushion pads


Material: magnesium alloy
Tires: 10.5 inches with low pressure chamber
Bushing: 6 inches of magnesium alloy
Control arm: Height adjustable in three heights, removable with a click, telescopic push handle

Lighting system

Visual panel: White LED panel, shows battery level, bluetooth signal, Equipment lock, speed mimic indicator
Headlights: double 3W x 2 LED headlamp for ambient lighting
Pilots: automatic induction brake light, turn signal lud, also generates color atmosphere (full-color), the color pattern is adjustable through the APP

Smart system

Intelligent algorithm of adaptive learning: according to the weight and driving habits of the user, the output power, direction and parameters of safety limits are automatically optimized, such as sensitivity, gradually adapting to the driving style of the user
APP: Instrument panel, Automatic fault diagnosis, remote control driving, firmware updates, custom settings, community interaction list
Intelligent early warning alert: Overvoltage / Low voltage / Short circuit / Overheat protection, Auto-Sleep / Wake-up, detailed battery information can be checked with APP-Ninebot

Driver Requirements

Beginner Mode: The beginner mode limits the speed of the vehicle until it has traveled 1Km. After this route, it automatically returns to normal mode. You can activate the beginner mode from the APP
Recommended Age: 16 ~ 50 years
Recommended user height: height: 1,20 ~ 2 m
Max. Load: 100kg

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