Scorpio Alarm SRX-900 RFID Basic + T23 GPS Tramigo Tracke (No monthly fees)


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The Scorpio Alarm SRX-900 features the convenience of RFID technology allowing for hands free operation, and TWO-WAY with your motorbike and the T23 Tramigo GPS/GSM Tracker => The best protection for your motorbike

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The Scorpio SRX-900 features the convenience of RFID technology allowing for hands free operation by utilizing Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

Included are a variety of features such as an integrated accelerometer, water resistant remote, built in battery back up and a built in 120 dB siren. The SRX-900 is equipped with expansion capabilities for the Ignition Disable, Perimeter Sensor and is compatible with all of our factory style connector kits.

  • Two way remote TRX9  LCD two way 
  • Ultra low power drain main control module (MCM)
  • Battery safe-guard with “sleep mode”
  • Soft chirp arming
  • RFID module for "hands free" operation
  • Easy installation with QUICK CONNECTOR to battery and tail light.

The kit comes with TRX-9 remote transceiver, MCM (main control module), Built In Back Up Battery, RFID antenna, Quick connector wire. 

Utilizing a powerful FM circuit, Scorpio 900 guards your bike and lets you know whenever there is trouble - while it is happening - not after. The hands-free LCD Remote has a 1/2 mile range (800m), and is constantly monitoring and displaying the current system status.

TRAMIGO T23 TRACKER GPS/GSM works worldwide

  • The most advanced tracking and alarm device for motorbikes and light vehicles
  • Easy to use with mobile phone or PC, free software
  • No monthly fees or annual subscription except for mobile SIM tariff
  • Patented multi-level motion sensor to advise of any kind of harassment to your bike
  • Hidden remote activator button to activate and deactivate alarms, no text needed
  • No 3rd party involvement, total privacy
  • Patented local TLD landmarks for fast and easy localization
  • Trip, Speed, Zone crossing etc. reporting


The T23 tracker is easy to install on any bike, fully hidden and powered from the bike's battery - it can also be used as portable unit and charged using a USB charger.

The T23 is fully controlled via mobile phone - you can track your bike, receive alerts and reports wherever you are.

With Tramigo there are no contracts or monthly fees, you only pay for the texts sent and voice used (if the included microphone is in use) and any SIM card, prepaid or contract can be used.

Privacy is guaranteed as only you and users authorized by you (up to 10 people) can check your location.

The Tramigo T23 has thousands of TLD landmarks from the Spain  built-in to make it extremely easy to understand the location of the vehicle with your mobile phone.

All Tramigo products have a 24 month international warranty

 The Tramigo Motorbike KIT have inside:


  • One unit of T23
  • One Li-On Battery 1200 mAh
  • Battery wire  to Battery
  • ATB button for Panic/SOS
  • USB cable



Note: You need a SIM Card for the GPS/GSM tracker how support SMS (text messages) and voice. Sim card Not included

Example for M1 Move APP avaiable in Android and IOS mobiles (avaiable in english)


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