Glass break detector GT-126 for CHUANGO MSHOME alarm


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Glass break detector for your windows or glass doors perfect for Alarm MSHOME G5

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34,90 € tax incl.

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Glass break detector that will blow off the alarm in case it breaks a particular window glass window or glass in general. By installing this detector near and facing the glass that you want to monitor in case of breakage the detector will pick up the own frequency produced by the glass when it breaks and will cause the panel alarm to go off.

It is especially important to protect shops with windows or houses with large windows since in case of the intrusion through the glass will be the first detector to activate the alarm. Also very useful for detecting vandalism.

Incorporates double detection. On the one hand analysis of the audio frequency to detect the characteristic sound generated when a crystal is broken. And on the other hand, low-frequency analysis to detect when pressure is exerted on crystals in protected areas. Thanks to this dual analysis it is virtually a "false alarm free" crystal break detector.

- Simple installation in the ceiling or wall format compact and esthetic
- Wireless connection 433 MHz with the panel with a maximum range of 100 m
- Power supply to DC 12 V with AC / DC transformer included
- Two-color front LEDs for status report
- 7 m coverage


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