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Sensor wireless smoke detector to protect home SMK-500


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Sensor wireless smoke detector to protect our home or ideal for installation in kitchen or other dwellings business

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Sensor wireless smoke detector to protect our home or ideal for installation in kitchen or other dwellings business.


Photoelectric smoke detector, which operates by detecting smoke particles in the environment. Thanks to its special design and proecesamiento photoelectric signal prevents false positives by dust or other interference, focusing on the detection of smoke caused by visible or hidden fire.

When it detects smoke, it will alert the panel that will trigger an alarm. But also has a built-in siren will sound at the time of detection, causing the first warning. It is widely used in homes, shops, hotels and offices.

Simple installation on the roof. compact, aesthetic format.
Wireless connection with the panel without additional cables. Alarms are sent wirelessly to the frequency of 433 MHz. Internal antenna, with a maximum range of 80 m in open space.
auto restart when the alarm and smoke concentration disappears.
Powerful internal siren: 85 dB / m.
System low battery warning, the detector itself will alert you when battery is low.
Photoelectric smoke generated by fire enters the detector chamber and disperses the light emitted by an LED, stimulating a photosensor which is what causes the break alarm. Use of this technology is best suited for home environments: homes, offices, hotels, etc.
Wide detection range of 20 sqm.
Installation is very simple. The transmitter is powered only with a 9 V battery included, so that operating it is only necessary to remove the cover back and connect the battery. Once done, the detector will operate.

To connect to the alarm system, simply press the Connect button on the panel and press the test button on the front of the detector. It will beep in the middle, indicating that both devices are connected.

Finally, just need to physically install the detector. It must be installed on the ceiling, preferably in the center of the zone to detect as it covers an area of ​​20 m². Avoid placing it in direct air currents (eg, kitchens and garages), since being photoelectric water vapor may produce false positives


It is advisable to make a test cleaning periodically to verify proper operation of the detector and clean if there is dirt stored ..


G5 compatible systems
Power 1 battery 9 V
Detection range 20 m
LED Frequency Once every 20 seconds
Frequency 433 MHz (± 75 kHz)
Photoelectric sensor type Infrared Diode
Operating temperature -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
≤ 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensions 32 (H) x 10.7 (Ø) mm


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